Glam Up & Give

A story of global collaboration in the pandemic

Campaign logo


To produce design and copy for a global social media event to raise money for charities around the world dealing with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.


To develop, at speed, full copy, messaging, visual identity and look and feel, that worked for more than 200 charities in 20 countries, across social media, supporter, staff and corporate channels.


A great deal of agility – especially the ability to make decisions quickly, manage multiple senior stakeholders across charities, donation platforms and creative partners.

We quickly developed universally compelling and adaptable messaging and design, which also accommodated necessary pivots in response to changing lockdown situations in different countries during the spring and summer of 2020.

Instagram stories allow people to upload their own images and join in the campaign
A campaign with a truly global reach


Literally hundreds of happy clients around the world and thousands of pounds donated to vitally important causes, including homelessness, children, old people and cancer.

In terms of the number of charities involved, Glam Up & Give was the single biggest global fundraising response
to the coronavirus pandemic. 

A toolkit of assets created for each partner charity and fundraising platform
A colourful palette and great photo submissions keep the event engaging
Supporters pushing the boundaries of the campaign and creating great imagery
Over 100 charities around the world collaborating together

Glam Up & Give was the single biggest global fundraising response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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