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At Narrative we understand brands and what makes them successful.

Your brand is the heart of your organisation. It’s the blueprint that expresses your unique personality, purpose and vision. Each brand touchpoint is a golden opportunity to connect with your audiences and build an emotional relationship based on trust and loyalty.

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    Brand strategy and identity

Visual identity

We’ll create a distinct look and feel that makes you look different and achieve recognition amongst your audiences and peers. Exploring logos, typefaces, colours, texture, imagery and tone of voice – we’ll create a design system that is cohesive and consistent, ensuring it works across both digital and print platforms.

Logo design

Your logo is one of the key visual cornerstones of your organisation’s brand, alongside your name and the fantastic work you do, it’s what makes you memorable. We work with you to explore what’s unique about it and distil this down to a single marque.

Brand evolution

It’s not always necessary to create a new brand. Refreshing your existing brand can be equally beneficial. We’ll work with you to identify the key elements that need to evolve – these could be redrawing the logo, tweaking your colour palette or exploring a new typeface. A brand refresh can boost a tired visual identity and improve your profile in surprising ways.

Brand implementation

We excel at brand rollouts – from the design to project managing the entire process. We’ll take all the assets of a visual identity and apply them logically and consistently across all media and medium within the organisation. The result is a consistently applied visual identity where each brand touchpoint looks and feels the same. All managed professionally and efficiently, leaving you to concentrate on other things.

Brand guidelines

Guidelines are a very important part of the brand process. We create user-friendly guidelines that help keep the brand robust and prevent any of those naughty details creeping in by providing guidance on the correct use of all the brand elements and how they should be applied across a wide variety of materials and media.

Brand Communications

From press ads, brochures and event materials to web banners and html emails, we can help you decide what to communicate, how to say it and the best channel to use. And of course all designed within the brand guidelines.

Volunteer conference brand image.
Brand awareness illustration of Ifan the character in two outfits.
Strengthening brand identity, logo placement, typeface and colour palettes from the Hospice in the Weald brand guidelines.
Changing brand perceptions Volunteering York logos and colour palette.
Festival branding Macmillan Big Mix music festival brand elements.
Brand implementation download the app call to action on the back of Z-card.
Selection of pages from the APPG new brand guidelines, typography and colour palette.