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Throughout the tough economic climate, fundraisers have had to find increasingly creative ways to engage donors across the board. From individuals to corporates, and from high value donors to event organisers, the key has always been to forge closer emotional ties between the donor and beneficiary.

  • Christmas charity appeal DM pack elements. Christmas charity appeal outer of filthy duvet on the Safe at Christmas appeal.

    The Childrens Society

    Christmas fundraising pack

Direct Mail

You have a target to meet and we’re focused on helping you achieve it. From acquisition through to legacy packs, careful messaging, urgency and an in depth understanding of the supporter are the keys to success for a DM pack. We’ll collaborate with you to create engaging concepts, write hard-hitting copy held together in a design that doesn’t detract from the key messages and call to action. We want to help you achieve the best ROI’s possible.

Fundraising packs and kits

With so many charities competing for our attention, how do you make your fundraising materials stand out in the crowd? We’ll explore all the angles, analyse what your competitors are up to before creating a winning format.


A multifaceted campaign working across digital and print platforms connects more supporters to the cause. With our copywriters we’ll come up with a concept and accompanying straplines that engage your audiences with clear calls to action before creating the supporting materials to ensure your campaign is a hit.


The buzz and excitement that comes from organizing a successful event is something we’re all too familiar with. From creating an identity and web presence, to advertising and creating each piece of collateral we’ll help you every step of the way.

Major donor materials

Major donors are an incredibly challenging group to engage and persuade, and one where the donor journey is so critical to success. We work with our clients to write and design supporting materials ensuring the right level of information is given to persuade donors on to the next stage of the journey.

Festival branding homepage of Big Mix charity music festival on iPad.
Plan UK message board on screen.
School fundraising pack school poster.
Inside spread from the Macmillan green book of fundraising ideas.
92% stat of income to the NSPCC comes from supporters.
Brand implementation, marathon call to action for St John Ambulance.
In Memory lights of love campaign visual identity.
Easter fundraising poster for NSPCC and O2.
Christmas fundraising poster for NSPCC and O2.
Valentine's fundraising poster for NSPCC and O2.