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Brand strategy - Illustration of stag with pink and green stripes shooting out of its eyes Branded canvas bag featuring badger illustration against a coloured shape background promoting the music festival.

Brand strategy for a new festival

Hear No Evil

On the back of their previous success the gang behind The Big Mix were after a whole new adventure on the festival circuit. Together we worked on a brand strategy to identify new audiences, examine trends within the music scene, understand the sector as a whole and create a point of difference.

Against this backdrop Hear No Evil was born, specialising in new music and comedy acts that only ‘those in the know’ would be interested in. The look and feel was created to reflect the fun, accessible and slightly kooky nature of the festival held in the London Fields Brewery aimed at cool Dalston/Hackney hipsters.

We chose animals we felt our audience would have an infinity with and the shapes in the background represented each animal’s spirit bringing energy and dynamism to the designs.

The rollout included the website, posters, stationery, tickets, t-shirts, tote bags and other event materials. Like The Big Mix raising money for charity was at the heart of the festival and we’re absolutely thrilled that we helped them to raise over £15,000.