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Website design texture on a 20 pound note. Website design texture on a 20 pound note.

Website design and build

IDH Accountancy

Almost 18 months after creating the initial brand, IDH were ready for the next exciting phase in their marketing strategy. They wanted us to create a new website that would appeal to the creative industry in-line with the company’s strategic goal. Of course this meant we were the target audience and were able to provide valuable insight into how the website should look and function.

The overall design puts our brand character ‘Ifan’ at its heart, not only to give the site a personable, warm, engaging and creative flair but also as a navigational tool. Accountancy is a pretty hard subject to get your head around and to understand what’s good for your business. Using our character we can enhance user experience by signposting users to different parts of the site they might be interested in – including a client-only area. Our brilliant digital partner Two Thirds Water have been responsible for the build and have worked alongside us from the beginning to ensure any issues were flagged and solved early on in the process. It’s a fully responsive site and we can’t wait to hear the feedback.