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Brand awareness sketch of Ifan the accountant using an abacus and writing receipts. Front cover of financial product Lifetime Financial Responsibility.

Raising brand awareness

IDH Accountancy

Alongside the launch of the new website we designed two financial products to help IDH raise brand awareness.

The Numbers is a set of tools to help creative businesses identify what they really want from their business, plan for it and then achieve it, whilst measuring progress along the way. Presented in a folder we didn’t want this just to be a dry and humourless document that would turn us creative types off. So we included plenty of illustrations in the lovely style that is so integral to the IDH band and deliberately kept the layout simple. Bold colours break up the chapters and illustrations add humour making the task of running a business less overwhelming and more enjoyable.

The other product we designed is the aptly titled Lifetime Financial Brochure, which poses the question ‘Are you responsible?’ In today’s climate of austerity and economic uncertainty financial planning for the future is a must and makes sense. Throughout the brochure we present bite sizes pieces of information in a clear and uncluttered format using the IDH bold colour palette to add pace and impact. The objective is to get businesses thinking about the years ahead. The aim is not to scare us into thinking we’re all doomed but by taking simple steps and with the help of IDH the future can be bright for all of us.