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Online volunteer induction manual

Parkinson's UK

This was a truly inspirational project written by volunteers for volunteers. Parkinson’s UK took the strategic decision of putting their army of tireless volunteers at the heart of the organisation, a majority of whom are in their 70s. To make this a reality the organisation would need to help their volunteers become increasingly confident in their roles, hence the need for a comprehensive induction programme.

We won a three-way pitch based on our ability to design, edit and manage the entire project. This was a major cross-departmental undertaking involving the volunteering, brand and digital teams working together with us.

We edited vast amounts of information into bite-sized, easily accessible pieces of information and created fun PowerPoint activities. As the modules sit on the main website, we needed to make them stand apart from the other content whilst working within the strict confines of the CMS. We came up with a ‘My Volunteer Induction’ stamp, a set of icons for each of the four modules and a hero image that together made up the look and feel of the whole programme. This would ensure users knew they were in the right section of the site. Our volunteers rigorously tested each module before going live. Their enthusiasm and excitement was an incredibly humbling experience.

The modules went live in November and we’re really looking forward to seeing the results in a few months time.