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Major donor fundraising neglected runaway teenager. Major donor fundraising neglected teenage on the cover of the Hard Truths campaign cover.

Major donor fundraising campaign

The Children's Society

Now here’s a meaty challenge, how to encourage philanthropic giving to raise 50 million for The Children’s Society over a five year period? The major donors fundraising brochure formed part of the major strategic initiative carried out by the Partnership development team for the The Hard Truths National Appeal.

Mark Harland our copywriter who put together the tone of voice for The Children’s Society brand was responsible for editing the copy.

With copy and design working together we ensured a balance between the harsh realities teenagers and children face with the positive impact the charity has on their lives. We used a mixture of infographics, pull out boxes and quotes to add strength to the case.

The result was a persuasive document that was designed in such a way that it can be amended and personalised to suit the donor.