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The Royal Marsden School logo. Cancer education for healthcare professionals inside course folder and cover of prospectus.

Cancer education for healthcare professionals

The Royal Marsden

Unlike other medical institutions The Royal Marsden School specialises in cancer education for healthcare professionals looking to expand their training or qualifications.

The School prospectus is often the first piece of communication potential students see, which also makes it a very useful marketing tool. It was our job to ensure the content was accessible and easy to follow because such professionals are busy people working under enormous pressure with little time to spare.

Taking this time-starved approach we completely restructured the document, moving important information up to the front and additional information to the back. The prospectus was completely redesigned in line with the new visual identity, with close attention given to the hierarchy of information and providing clear navigation throughout. The course information was separated into sections, with every element geared towards finding the right information quickly.