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Front cover of Touching Lives magazine
The vertical masthead leaves lots of room for powerful photography


A redesign of the charity’s supporter magazine. Action Medical Research (AMR) is a children’s charity which funds life-changing and saving research for sick and vulnerable babies, children and young people. They helped beat polio by funding research into the first polio vaccines in the UK nearly 70 years ago and since then have helped to fight meningitis, prevent stillbirths, develop ultrasound scanning in pregnancy and support the life-saving technique called cooling, to help babies starved of oxygen at birth.


The client wanted to combine two existing magazines, with different audiences, into one. It also needed to become a cross selling device – allowing the charity to advertise other ways for supporters to get involved (regular giving, legacy or lottery).


A bright, modern, photo-focussed magazine. The stories here come to life through the combination of typography and images. The layout is flexible so that each issue has room to change without it feeling too similar.

We supplied guidelines for use, as well as design templates, so that the client would be able to take our design and use it internally.

Young girl with inhaler
Touching lives magazine spread


Feedback from the first issue was very positive. Staff all loved it and were keen to share with their audiences. Readers emailed to say how much they liked the new format. Trustees were impressed with one of them saying it was really accessible, with key stories standing out while being easy to dip in and read (which was the overall aim).

Touching lives magazine timeline spread
Touching lives magazine guidelines
Close up of touching lives magazine
Close up of touching lives magazine
Infographic from touching lives
Infographic from touching lives
Infographic from touching lives

"From an editor’s perspective, there's far more ease of flexibility now. In most scenarios, there are several options available for me to run with depending on how the images and content fits, which is great!"

Baby in hospital

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