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As part of an integrated awareness campaign centred about Trachoma, Orbis asked us to create a 60 second film. 

The objective being that the film would drive viewers to the Orbis website to learn more about the this avoidable disease and the journey to elimination. 


The budget for this film was very limited, as was the availability of footage from the Orbis ‘on ground’ team showcasing work around the Trachoma mass drug administrations and the training of staff. These points, plus the minimal budget required our creative team to think of innovative ways to make the film emotional and impactful. 


Due to the budget and footage availability restrictions we proposed a solution that mixed together stock footage  – that was shot in appropriate locations – alongside the client’s footage on the ground.

We sourced slow motion, face to camera, beautifully shot clips that would sit alongside the more clinical footage captured of training and drug administrations. 

In order to achieve the impactful, emotional pull – to help eliminate Trachoma – we proposed coupling these shots with well selected music and a strong voiceover. 

Close up portrait of African boy
African children playing


A combination of a time spent considering a concise, impactful script, many hours looking for appropriate stock footage and scanning the clients database of footage captured in Ethiopia lead us to our creative solution. 

Coupled with a fantastic voiceover and music choice meant that the slow motion footage and ‘to camera’ shots really have impact. 

We were lucky to have Stan Townsend work with us on this project, providing a really strong voiceover that was the cherry on the cake of the project – thank you Stan! 

Portrait of African child
Eye test chart
Eye surgery
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"Thanks again for all your and the team work’s on this, very happy with how it’s turned out, and excited for us to be sharing with our supporters and prospects soon!"

Boy taking medicine

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