Comic Relief

Pop fund identity, font and assets


To create an eye-catching visual identity for Comic Relief’s Power of Popular culture fund (PoP Fund) that communicates the creativity and ambition within the popular culture arena. 

The Comic Relief PoP Fund is a UK-based pooled fund that needed a strong visual identity that would help the leverage funds expertise in the popular culture space.

As part of the creative development we needed to think about the clear identity alongside the creation of collateral that could be easily accessed and used by fund members.



The visual identity should stand out, longevity, and ensure resources are instantly recognisable as the PoP Fund.

It should showcase the depth and complexity of the subject while keeping a feeling of positivity and engagement.


This creative is based around the idea of embracing difference, collaboration and building opportunities for PoC (People of Colour) with lived experience of migration within the broadcast and creative industries.

Starting with the word PoP, we broke the letter form into geometric shapes, which form the basis of the identity. These shapes inform the way our headlines look, the way we frame our photos, and use colour in our designs.

This developed into a bespoke font 


The identity is dynamic, meaning that it is flexible and can be adapted depending on who we are talking to. This flexibility creates a vibrant and playful feel which is representative of the diverse communities the fund aims to reach, as well as the creativity of the sectors that the Pop Fund will operate in. 

It is quite remarkable what you have managed to do in six weeks. We had the learning event yesterday and it was wonderful to see the visual identity front and centre – you’ve made us all very proud!

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