fully interactive "Renew normal" microsite


Our brief from the client was to design and develop a microsite to host all the activity around Demos’ campaign – Renew Normal: The People’s Commission on Life After Covid-19. The campaign’s aim being to start a national conversation on what life should be like after the pandemic. 

The objective of the microsite was to inspire resilience, innovation, and community engagement, empowering visitors to embrace the new normal. It was to serve as a hub for campaign activities, offering valuable resources, insights, and actionable steps.

Visitors to the site needed to be able to explore personal stories, engage with data and multimedia content in a seamless journey on all devices.


The microsite needed to put the experiences that people had shared with the project front and centre, all encapsulated in a clean, brand aligned design that embodied simplicity, speed, cost-effectiveness, and high impact.

The goal was to leverage data and statistics to optimise the site’s content and user experience, ensuring it effectively engages the target audience.


The approach to the design was to focus on simplicity, ease of navigation and a seamless experience across all devices. 

In order to address the lack of imagery, we utilised silhouettes and iconography in the microsite design. Silhouettes represented a diverse population, while icons added personality.

When applying the brand to the microsite design we integrated the ‘O’ from the Demos logo front and centre, ensuring visual consistency and link to the branding seen in the printed collateral and podcast that supported the campaign. 



We swiftly developed a branded, data focused microsite, offering our client a vital portal to share ongoing reporting in real-time.

With seamless updates and a commitment to quality, the website became an invaluable tool for effective communication and maintaining a strong connection with their audience.

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"Love it, the design feels bold and informative."

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