The Royal Marsden

Lila's Story

The pack focuses on the bell children ring when their treatment ends – a huge milestone


Produce a DM pack to raise funds for more scientific research into childhood cancer.


To humanise the science with an emotional story, while overcoming the challenge of children in real-life case studies becoming ill and unable to participate.


Tell the story of a child who, after a devastating diagnosis, is now close to ringing the ‘end-of-treatment’ bell thanks to the Royal Marsden’s expert research and treatment.

We were grateful to Lila’s mum for providing some beautiful photos of Lila and her family, which we sensitively gave a Christmassy feel. We also emphasised the human, relatable side of the science in the first lift by using a ‘Maltese Cross’ format that revealed a different treatment team member with each fold, and by writing the letter using the voice of her doctor. We then used Lila’s mum’s moving diary to structure the second, complementary lift.

Image of the outer envelope with the message "Please help more children like Lila ring the end-of-treatment bell"
Lila was really positive about her treatment and involvement with The Royal Marsden
Image of the letter showing leading headline and welcoming introduction
The appeal brings The Royal Marsden’s pioneering research to life through Lila's story


An exceptionally heart-warming piece of communication and their best-ever performing direct mail pack. 

Amongst the positive feedback was a message from a man who expressed how genuine and touching the pack was, and how he was moved to donate to help more children like Lila.

Image of the lift. Showing Lila's story through personal images and a diary from her mum
Lila’s story is told through her mum’s diary, detailing the ups and downs of their journey
Image of the insert. Showing the first panel with Lila, her sister and her nurse, all look very happy and tell a story of a great team. Headline "Lila's life-saving team"
Opening up the insert the first pages tell a story of how the Royal Marsden's team supported Lila. There is a large quote "It felt like a giant cuddle".
The leaflet continues to be opened, showing another part of the team that helped Lila. Photography showing medical science imagery.
The insert continues opening up. One panel talks about the consultant doctor, another talks about the centre for molecular pathology.
The back of the insert with a large message saying "It all begins with pioneering research"
The insert completely open showing all the team members that helped Lila
A maltese cross is an interesting folding technique that engages readers and takes them on a journey through Lila's story

An exceptionally heart-warming piece of communication and their best-ever performing direct mail pack.

Heartwarming photo of Lila and her sister

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