Energy Saving Trust

An Impact report that tells tall tales (2020/21 edition)


To design an impactful impact report – the first one ever for a new brand, and for the new CEO. 


The report needed to navigate the nuances of a brand new brand identity that hadn’t yet been fully explored. We were tasked with exploring how the identity would look in print, how a selection of the core elements would come together, and how far a new brand needed to be pushed.

We needed to;

  • Cement their reputation as experts in energy efficiency and sustainable energy use
  • Demonstrate the impact of their work in the last year in an engaging, creative, and story-led style
  • Appeal to their current audience but also target new clients and collaborator


We created a bright and bold design, which prominently divided the page – whether horizontally, vertically or into a grid like format. This brought prominence to their ‘switch’ device and inspired a range of possibilities for how the device would be used flexibly.

We also used vertical headlines to create dynamism, and looked at how type and image interacted with the bold page divides.

Spread from impact report on energy


The finished report was everything we promised; bright, bold, impactful, dynamic and everything else in between. 

With a strong focus on the benefits of energy in the photography, a colour scheme that guided navigation and an icon system that was subsequently added to the brand guidelines. 

Spread from an impact report on energy saving
Spread from an impact report on energy saving
Spread of impact report
Infographic about saving money with energy
Infographic about saving money with energy

Our client was so happy that a few months after launch we started work on the edition

Image of mother and grandmother happy at home

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