Energy Saving Trust

Impact report 2022

Spread of impact report


Build on the work completed for the 2021 impact report focussing on the Energy Savings Trust have helped people save money during the unfolding energy crisis. 


To use the new brand guidelines to develop the report design ensuring the articles are showcased in a way that lends itself to a digital version that can be viewed easily on mobile devices. 


A report that slightly moved away from the corporate blue of the previous report, with a focus on striking hero imagery supported by a bright yellow colour taken from the new brand guidelines. 

The content had a bold approach with the infographics taking on a ‘journey like’ feel showing key facts and figures. 

Overall the report had a warm feel to it than the previous year with a focus on the photography demonstrated clearly in a grid like format. 


Cover of impact report


Our client was delighted with the final result and we’re all looking forward to working on the next one!




Spread from an impact report
Spread from an impact report
Spread from an impact report
Infographic on energy
Infographic on energy
Older woman adjusting bicycle helmet

"we're really pleased with it and i've enjoyed working with you all to get it over the line"

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