Southbank international school

A story about realising young people’s potential

Image showing the campaign advertising in a tube station
A London targeted campaign meant a higher advertising spend


Produce a prospectus, leaflets, signage and lots more to inspire young people to come to our school.


To develop a new brand ID into a fully-formed and rolled out visual identity, tone of voice and look and feel – that felt modern, appealed to a diverse audience, and drove revenue.


We worked to understand their audiences – affluent parents of children at each of the three International Baccalaureate stages. Bringing out the school’s value to its students, we developed key, campaignable sentiments that highlighted students’ experience of the distinctive qualification and educational setting – like ‘I Breathe’, ‘I Belong’, ‘I Begin Here’ and ‘I Bring It’. 

We develop a quietly confident and modern visual language, which we rolled out across the entire school’s communications materials – from large scale outdoor graphics to assert the school’s place in its community, to school booklets, handbooks and the prospectus, right through to PowerPoint templates for staff. 

A poster of the campaign with the headline "I break the mould"
Imagery of the young people who attend the school creates a dynamic campaign
An image of the outside of the school showing the campaign branding in the windows
Street-facing windows repurposed to advertise the school


This was our first foray into education, and we were pleased to give South Bank International a fresh outlook with a fully integrated set of communications materials. They were delighted too – in the first year of the new materials launching, student intake increased by 10%. 

An image of a stack of curriculum guides showing the campaign identity
The prospectus was brought up-to-date with bright photography and minimal layouts
A spread from the school's prospectus with a full bleed image with headline 'I Belong'
Image of the campaign identity on the side of a London bus
Paid advertising on buses serving the area
Various spreads from the schools prospectus
Iconography is a key part of the identity

In the first year of the new materials launching, student intake increased by 10%.

The campaign imagery – half of a young boys face

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