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Rob Burrow centre appeal


Create a campaign that consisted of a door drop, warm supporter email and thank you letter for a capital appeal for the Rob Burrow MND centre. The campaign would support the tv, radio and social media comms promoting the upcoming documentary featuring Rob’s wife and her Leeds Marathon training. 


Raise awareness of Motor Neurone Disease and the Rob Burrow Centre alongside messaging that encourages donations towards the build of the centre. 

Help to drive the fundraising efforts whilst also sharing stories of those effected by the disease. 


Working in an agile fashion we jumped straight to work. Keeping the pack elements simple meant that printing time was kept to a minimum, allowing the most time for developing the campaign. 

Building on the campaign by McCann we centred the designs around the image of Rob created by a ‘portrait of names’, alongside imagery of his family and a lift piece combining real life letters of those effected by MND. 

Lynsey and her children after the marathon
Letter from DM pack


The pack was produced quickly and efficiently by the team, delivering a personal and emotive campaign. 

We are waiting the final fundraising results. 



A5 lift piece

thank you so much for all your efforts on this and pulling it together so quickly.

it has been great working with you.

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