Mental Health UK

A story about building young people’s resilience


Create a brand (including name, strapline, visual identity and guidelines) for a new UK-wide mental health programme for young people.


Develop something resonant and ownable, which appeals to young people and teachers alike, in a crowded schools marketplace.



A lot of trends research into young people’s tastes and motivations before arriving at our brief. We then undertook a structured creative approach to naming, exploring territories including ‘resilient’, ‘transition’, ‘support’, ‘network’ and ‘positivity’. 

We put three concepts into testing with 14-18s and teachers, and the overwhelming winner was ‘Bloom’. Our research respondents loved the visual look, feel and palette we’d created, so we had a clear steer for the final development and execution. 

Bloom programme materials for teachers
Programme logo and strapline


A hugely successful programme embodied in a confident and distinctive brand. We rolled out across UK schools in 2019, and by 2020, the client created a resource library structured around the Bloom brand guidelines. 

The programme visualised as an app
The brand applied across different touchpoints
Student workbook

Bloom - a bold, distinctive AND CONFIDENT BRAND FOR YOUNG PEOPLE.

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