A story of stoicism and renewal

Image of outer envelope showing headline "Will you support children in 2021?"
The outer, with an invitation difficult to ignore


Develop a direct mail pack to reactivate lapsed NSPCC supporters after a year like no other.


It’s always a challenge to re-engage supporters who may have had good reasons for stopping their donations. They may feel undervalued or discouraged that their previous gifts weren’t considered enough.

At the end of 2020, which had seen so many people struggle financially – but also so many children facing more difficulties than ever before – the challenge was even greater.


‘Say ‘Yes’ to making 2021 a better year for children.’ Working closely with one of the NSPCC’s copywriters, we illustrated children’s continuing experiences of the pandemic – such as difficulties sleeping, not seeing friends, challenging home environments – to demonstrate the ongoing need for support.

We also developed ‘Yes’ stickers and an interactive response device, which enabled supporters to indicate not only their renewed financial support, but also their support in spirit if money was too tight. 

Image of outer envelope showing girl with headline "Say yes to making 2021 a better year for children"
The sticker motif was carried through to all parts of the pack.
Letter from pack showing headline and stickers
This pack felt positive and at the same time rewarding for the supporter, with lots of confirmations of their support.


The pack was hugely successful, especially given the levels of infections and lockdowns at the turn of the year, nearly doubling the income from the 2019/20 pack.  

Donation form showing sticker mechanism
The response device was easy to interact with, encouraging people to confirm their commitment.
Close up of reverse of donation form showing ways the charity helps
The reverse of the response device illustrated the importance of the NSPCC's continuing work in 2021.
Close up of letter showing sticker mechanism
Close up of letter

A hugely successful pack, nearly doubling income from last year – all in the cash-straitened times of the pandemic too.

Boy on phone

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