Sue Ryder

Mindfulness animation for the Grief Kind platform

Colourful abstract blobs with positive message


Our client tasked us with creating a simple mindfulness animation as part of their grief kind offering, sitting as part of their self-help platform.


To use their newly signed off Grief Kind branding to create a calming film that talked through an exercise for the viewer to follow.

The voiceover needed to be timed specifically to allow the viewer to breathe in time with the instructions, allowing them to relax fully and feel grounded throughout.


We focussed on a simple design where the new brand shapes slowly moved across the screen as the words from the script appeared alongside the voiceover. 

This allows the viewer to read the words and watch the shapes or close their eyes, focus on the voiceover and relax. 

The design was inline with both the Sue Ryder branding and specifically the Grief Kind offering. 

We also completed cutdown versions both with and without music for various social media outlets.

Colourful abstract blobs bumping into one another
Colourful abstract blobs circling each other


Both the team at Sue Ryder and their volunteers really like the animation approach. 

We hope to complete more of these for their self help platform very soon and await more results. 

Working with Narrative Design on our new mindfulness video was a really great experience. It was a new area of content for us, and it was also the first time we were using our new brand in video form

Church vergers talking.

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