A story of holidays, nostalgia and first times


Develop a positive, heart-warming summer campaign to drive donations among warm and cold audiences


We needed to develop an idea that appealed to two demographics – Orbis supporters, who skew older and are more receptive to complex information about ophthalmology, and a new, broader audience, who are younger, family-oriented and fans of Saturday night television.

We also had to create a strong fundraising call-to-action via an urgent need that nonetheless focused on positive outcomes rather than sad, heart-wrenching situations.


‘First times’, a campaign that combined summer holidays, nostalgia and children. We asked supporters if they remembered their – or their children’s – first time on a plane and compared their emotions with children’s first visits to the unique Orbis Flying Eye Hospital – the shared sense of excitement, trepidation and hope.

We took the visual language of holiday plane travel, including tickets, postcards, luggage and holiday snaps, to tell a story of saving sight around the world and pioneering eye care technology – not forgetting Seymour, the Orbis bear that supports every child through their surgery.

For new audiences, this was a digital-first campaign, and we developed a microsite and social assets. While for existing audiences, we created a full direct mail pack, complete with postcard from 1982, when Orbis began its journey.

A postcard from 1982 reminded donors that Orbis have been doing this a long time and they have the will and capacity to continue doing it way into the future


Watch this space! The campaign ran throughout the summer, and we’re keenly awaiting the first results.  

The campaign used nostalgic images that call out the joy of travel
Photography showed the donor a clear cause
A minisite accompanied the campaign

Watch this space to see how we did

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