Refresh Orbis’s direct mail packs for warm legacy prospects.


Conversion rates were static, and we needed to find new ways to convince warm supporters to deepen and lengthen their relationship with Orbis.



We knew this audience was already engaged with Orbis’s work, so we wanted to reward them in a way that would prompt thinking about the long term. We developed several ideas for engagement pieces before settling on a calendar.

Calendars have lots of potential in legacy packs. They’re great vehicles for photography. They can showcase key dates, facts and aspects of a client’s work, enabling cross-sell opportunities. And they take pride of place in supporters’ homes for at least a year, providing daily reminders of their connection to the cause.

Considering Orbis’s Eye Care Everywhere proposition, we were especially pleased to bring together eye care activities with children, in schools, with older people and in different parts of the world all in one place.


We talked to existing legacy supporters early in the process, which gave us confidence that the final pack would resonate. We look forward to sharing results from the mailout as they come in.

Calendars are great vehicles for photography, they enable cross-sell opportunities, and they provide daily reminders of supporters' connection to the cause.

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