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Develop the organisation’s first-ever messaging toolkit


Starting from scratch, organising everything that Orbis does – all of its purpose, objectives, programme, advocacy and fundraising work – into an easily usable writing guide. Given Orbis’s specialisms in ophthalmology and aviation, the toolkit also had to include laypersons’ descriptions for a lot of technical terms.  


A toolkit designed to provide different levels of information for users to select and apply for various purposes and audiences. For example, sections such as ‘What We Do’ and ‘The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital’ have short, medium and long topic descriptions to choose from, as well as bespoke copy for technical audiences. 

The toolkit also included country-by-country guides to Orbis’s work, a breakdown of fundraising key messages by audience, facts and statistics, a style guide, and a full glossary of terms with simple descriptors and guides for use. 

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A well-used document across the whole organisation, from brand and comms, through fundraising to HR, finance and senior management. We’re now planning work on the latest update. 

We’re now planning work on the latest update.

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