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Stories that change the way the world sees

Strong use of photography on the cover


Produce a clear, compelling summary of Orbis UK’s financial and programmatic successes each year.


To distil and refine a lot of technical eye health, aviation and financial information, in a way that’s visually refreshing each year, which satisfies multiple stakeholders including trustees, and which provides compelling reasons for trusts and major donors to engage with the organisation.


Thoroughly research the organisation’s output to identify each year’s overarching theme, such as ‘consolidation and renewal’, ‘pushing new boundaries’ or ‘responding to challenging situations’, then humanise Orbis’s work through authentic, emotional and relatable stories of saving sight.

Visually, we use lots of infographics and graphic metaphors to give readers a powerful sense of the key messages at a glance. We also working closely with the finance department to ensure the detailed numbers are presented clearly, consistently and accurately.

The report uses a strong colour palette with pull out graphics and powerful imagery
Illustration adds pace and interest


A very pleased client, senior management team and board of trustees year after year. Commenting on the 2020 report, one trustee said:

“I find that the most fascinating and compelling of any such document that we have ever produced;  it is a major achievement in content, design, and presentation – and particularly as a great deal of it must have been put together during the last two months. Obviously a very committed and capable team – and they have definitely come up with the goods!”

Case studies demonstrate Orbis' impact
Breaker pages help to separate key sections of the report
Iconography helps to explain stats in an interesting and engaging way
Strong imagery helps drive home key messages

“I find that the most fascinating and compelling of any such document that we have ever produced.”

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