Rimba Collective

A story of innovation in sustainability finance and keeping 1.5° alive

RImba collective logo


Develop a visual identity, messaging and animation for an innovative new sustainability finance initiative from Lestari Capital.


To translate a complicated, technical message about corporate finance and supply chains into a story, look and feel that appeals to business, NGO, government and public audiences around the world.

And to do so in a way that satisfies and represents stakeholders including four of the leading global consumer goods manufacturers.


Focus on the why rather than the how. Why is the Rimba Collective transforming supply chain finance? Our Research into their primary audiences (corporate multinationals) revealed that membership of the collective enables them to deliver on their sustainability targets at scale. But more importantly (for their customers especially), the Rimba Collective is preserving and restoring nature, improving livelihoods and tackling climate change.

Our benefit-driven, audience-led messaging toolkit provided a comprehensive communications tool, organised hierarchically, with the flexibility for staff, stakeholders and suppliers to tailor to their needs.

Our visual identity went to the core of the Rimba Collective’s business – conserving and restoring forests. Our tree ring design emblemised the numerous layers of the collective and the long-lasting nature of the initiative. Strong type, earthy colours and soft lines struck the right balance between corporate professionalism and the focus on nature and sustainability.

As we write, it’s being rolled out across a new website, social channels, presentations and stationery.

Rimba brand in action
Photography pops out from the background drawing attention to the subjects


Approval among all stakeholders including the board of Lestari Capital and Rimba Collective partners including Nestle, PepsiCo, Proctor & Gamble and Unilever.

The Rimba Collective has been live and operational since 2022. It will have protected and restored 200,000 hectares of landscape by the end of 2023.

Image showing brand guidelines
In depth brand guidelines were created
Climate and carbon neutral icon
Conservation Commitments icon
Science based targets icon
UN sustainability development goals icon
Net zero targets icon
Rimba collective map

The Rimba Collective launched in January 2022. Watch this space for more results as they come in.

Young Indonesian woman looking hopeful

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