St Martin-in-the-Fields

The Building Futures Story


Produce an integrated campaign to raise £25m over ten years and sustain an iconic London landmark.


To crystalise in a single, campaignable idea what existing audiences love about St Martin’s and what will inspire new audiences to support it. 


‘Building Futures’. An identity rooted in a deep understanding of audiences’ attitudes and behaviours. 

Our idea captured the aspiration, openness and forward-thinking aspects of existing supporters’ feelings towards the church while providing a highly motivating proposition to new audiences.

Our integrated campaign invited people on a seamless journey with St Martin’s towards fulfilment and prosperity, interacting with a range of communications including events, brochures, and brand and fundraising collateral across the many activities of the church.

Cover of the case for support brochure.
Strong architectural imagery ties the campaign to the building
Campaign infographic.


£5m raised in the first six months and a 123% increase in donations in the first year.

Worshipers and staff reported newfound feels of pride and ownership. The client commented that the campaign has helped break down organisational siloes and bridged the gap between ‘what St Martin’s says about itself and what it actually does to help audiences.’

Building Futures brand applied to hoardings.
The campaign across different environments
Campaign infographic.
This and the next image are inside spreads of the case for support.
An image led case for support for high value donors
Photography and key infographics make a compelling case
Revd Richard Carter, Associate Vicar at St Marin's.
Revd Dr Sam Wells, Vicar of St Martin's.
Commissioned photoshoot demonstrate St Martin's rich, spiritual and cultural heritage
Dr Andrew Earis, Director of Music at St Martin's.

£5m raised in the first six months and a 123% increase in donations in the first year.

Church vergers talking.

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