A Story of Shared Understanding

This and next two images show the fundraising pack.
The fundraising pack


Create a new audience-led visual identity and messaging for our regular giving programme.


To produce a single, campaignable idea that brings together what beneficiaries and supporters have in common.


‘I’m just like you.’ In our research, we identified Addaction’s most differentiating strength as its ability to directly tackle the stigma surrounding addiction.

People who use their services are just like everybody else, they’ve just been severely affected by particular physical, mental and emotional circumstances. Our solution focused on the common relatable similarities we all share.

We used imagery and language focused on impact and recovery, illuminating the return to less troubled lives supporters could relate to. It was visually wrapped with swirling paint strokes in light, bright hues, positively reflecting the maelstrom of possibilities within all of us.

Colourful spreads
Legacy giving leaflet


The new identity was well received internally and worked hard to enhance fundraising propositions across Events and In Memory materials.

Middle aged man helped by Addaction.
Supporters were a huge part of the identity
Smiling teenage girl.
In memory envelope branded in campaign look and feel.
The outer of a mailing pack
Laughing young woman helped by Addaction.
The swirling shapes behind cut out portraits bring personality to the identity
Older lady helped by Addaction.
A diverse range of photography is used across all materials
Man and woman help by Addaction.
The swirls represent our emotions and moods

The new identity was well received internally and worked hard to enhance fundraising

Young boy with his mum

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